Reduce returns by forwarding products

Lower your return costs, CO2 emissions and product discarding. Instantly influence the returns volume to your warehouse


Reduction in CO2 and waste.


Cut your returns (and thus costs)

Guaranteed less returns.

A solution for biggest issue for e-commerce.

Our software seamlessly matches new orders with returns. Instead of products making a costly pit-stop at the warehouse, returns are directly fulfilled for the new customer, saving you both time and money.

  • Cost Reduction: By skipping the warehouse, you slash handling and shipment costs, boosting your bottom line.

  • Eco-Friendly: Our approach significantly reduces CO2 emissions and waste, contributing to your sustainability efforts and a greener future.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers enjoy a more efficient and sustainable return process while taking advantage of special offers.

  • Privacy and Brand Protection: Our software is designed with customer privacy, anti-counterfeiting measures, and brand image enhancement in mind.

Benefits for Retailers

CO2 reduction
Less CO2 emissions

Cut your CO2 emissions for your returns with at least 30%

CO2 reduction
No product disposal

Cut waste in waste, warehouse costs and product disposal

CO2 reduction
Seriously costs saving

No inspection, repacking, restocking and resending costs

CO2 reduction
Control over returns

Instant influence over return volumes

Turnkey solution for retailers.

Providing a full solution to get started with forwarding products.

Easy and clear

Although it is a new approach, very little changes for both customer and retailer.

Fraud & Abuse minimalisation

Detection of anomalies at an early stage to prevent escalation. Rerouting to warehouse of suspicious cases.

Customer Privacy Guaranteed

The address of the buying customer stays unknown to the forwarding customer.