Reducing waste

No product disposing

Currently, return items (of low value) are by far all restocked and resold. A significant portion is donated, destroyed or sold to a bulk discounter. Some retailers even allow the buyer to keep the item at no cost.

By forwarding an article to a next customer, it gets a 100% new chance to be sold. The resulting decrease in product disposing leads financially to lower disposing cost, higher sales rates and environmentally to lower CO2 emissions and less product waste. Not only CO2 emissions from transport to the warehouse are saved, but also those emitted in the initial article production.

Less CO2 emissions

Much less CO2 emissions

Save more than 33% CO2 emission

A forwarded article straight on saves one third of CO2 emissions coming from transportation. This simply because a forwarded item is not first shipped back to the retailer’s warehouse. Instead, it straight on goes from the article-returning to the buying customer.

Additional CO2 emissions are saved from the decreased number of destroyed return articles. Prevented are emissions caused by product destruction, but also a waste of CO2 that is emitted during item production.

Instant control over volumes

The higher the discount, the more attractive to buy a to-be forwarded article.

Control discounts in the dashboard

This means retailers now have an instrument to directly influence return volumes. With this adjustable discount, a retailer now has an alternative to hiring extra return-processing flex workers

No warehousing costs
No warehousing costs.

A product that is not coming back to the warehouse doesn’t need to be inspected, repacked, restocked and resent. A forwarded product is inspected by the buying customer via a review at no labour costs.

Maintain your sales

Instantly available for reselling

From the moment a customer indicates s/he wants to return a product, the product is available on the website of the retailer. This increases sales rates and restocking and inventory accuracy.

  • For fast-moving products, this means up to 20% less stock needed in your warehouse.

  • Much less sales-loss due instant availabilty.

Less warehousing costs

Complete solution for retailers

Return Portal

We have an (optional) return portal available, for customers to use.

Effortless Integration

We have plugins, and can handle all integration in your storefront.


A dashboard with settings and real-time analytics.

Add value to your brand

Sustainability and branding goals

Create value to your customers and to your brand by adding a sustainable buy and return method.

Customers enjoy a more efficient and sustainable return process

Customers gain a sustainable buy option with discount

Boost your sustainable goals with tons of extra CO2 reduction per year